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Sweet & Sour Udon Bowl

Number: 5764
Brand: Obento
Product: Sweet & Sour Udon Bowl
Size: 4/6x240g

Obento Sweet & Sour Udon Noodle Bowl contains all the ingredients you need to produce a delicious meal.

Sushi Kit

Number: 5770
Brand: Obento
Product: Sushi Kit
Size: 6x540 g

The Obento Sushi Kit contains all the ingredients you need to create perfect restaurant quality Japanese sushi rolls! With the addition of a few fresh ingredients you too can enjoy your own Japanese sushi at home.

The Sushi kit contains: Sushi Rice, Yaki Nori, Wasabi, Powdered Sushi Seasoning Mix, Soy Sauce, Bamboo Mat and easy to follow instructions.


Prima Taste, Singapore Curry Retail Pack

Number: 3315
Brand: Prima Taste
Product: Singapore Curry Retail Pack
Size: 8x300g

Various herbs and spices are skifully blended to create a delicious dish that has attracted legions of fans among both locals and visitors to Singapore.

This kit consists: Singapore Curry Paste, Singapore Curry Premix.
No. of serves  : >4


Number: 3311
Brand: Prima Taste
Product: Rendang
Size: 8x360 g

Rendang features a rich, thick coconut gravy that gives meat a delightful texture and flavour. With its aromatic blend of spices, Rendang is guaranteed to tantalise your tastebuds.

This kit consists: Rendang Paste, Prima Coconut Premix.
No. of serves  : 5-7

Teriyaki Udon Bowl

Number: 5760
Brand: Obento
Product: Sesame Teriyaki Udon Bowl
Size: 4/6x240g

Obento Sesame Teriyaki Udon Noodle Bowl contains all the ingredients you need to produce a delicious meal.

The bowl contains: Udon Noodle, Teriyaki Sauce, Dehydrated Vegetables, Toasted Sesame Seeds as topping and a fork.

Microwaveable: ready in 2 minutes

Innerbox contains 6 bowls and is suitable for use as shelf display.

Pad Ka Prao Kit

Number: 8501
Brand: Auntie G
Product: Pad Ka Prao Kit
Size: 6/12x64g

Pad Ka-Prao (Thai Basil Stir Fry) is one of the signature dishes from Thailand. Usually it’s a spicy dish made by stir frying herbs such as Thai Holy Basil, Garlic, Chili and any kind of meat or seafood.

The Pad Ka-Prao Kit contains a Pad Ka-Prao sauce sachet and a separate herb sachet containing the mixed herbs seen below. Only add some meat or seafood and follow on pack cooking instructions to finish the dish.

Tom Yum Soup Kit

Number: 8503
Brand: Auntie G
Product: Tom Yum Soup Kit
Size: 6/12x64g

Tom Yum Soup is another well-known Thai signature dish. ‘Tom’ means boil and ‘Yum’ is Thai for sour & spicy. The soup is usually made with fresh prawn (goong), but can also be made with chicken, pork or without using meat, but vegetables.
Auntie G Tom Yum Soup Kit contains a sachet with the Tom Yum Soup. In the attached sachet you will be able to find herbs commonly used in Tom Yum Soup

Prima Taste, Singapore Satay Retail Pack

Number: 3321
Brand: Prima Taste
Product: Singapore Satay Retail Pack
Size: 8x275g

The traditional Singapore Satay features juicy meat chunks threaded on bamboo skewers and grilled to fragrant perfection. Served with a distinctive crunchy peanutbased dip that has made this dish a national favourite.

This kit consists: Singapore Satay Marinade, Singapore Satay Sauce Mix, Singapore Satay Peanut Paste.

No. of serves: 3-4

Prima Taste, Singapore Chilli Crab Retail Pack

Number: 3316
Brand: Prima Taste
Product: Singapore Chilli Crab Retail Pack
Size: 8x320g

Savour succulent crab in a piquant and flavourful chilli base. This full-bodied dish is a popular feature in Singapore seafood restaurants.

This kit consists: Chilli Crab Paste, Chilli Crab Premix, Extra Hot Chilli Mix.
No. of serves  : 2-3

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Number: 3312
Brand: Prima Taste
Product: Hainanese Chicken Rice
Size: 8x370 g

Starring tender chicken served over fragrant rice cooked with chicken stock and pandan leaves, this delicious dish delights with its rich flavours.

This kit consists: Hainanese Chicken Rice Premix, Hainanese Chicken Rice Fragrance Oil, Sesame Soy Sauce Oil, Chilli Sauce, Chicken Rice Ginger Sauce, Chicken Rice Dark Soy Sauce.
No. of serves  : 5-7


Number: 3310
Brand: Prima Taste
Product: Laksa
Size: 8x225 g

This rich noodle dish is created with a blend of fresh spices and herbs. Featuring rice noodle typically topped with seafood in an aromatic coconut-flavoured soup.

This kit consists: Laksa Paste (with Laksa leaves), Laksa Premix and Sambal Chilli.
No. of serves  : 2-3

Kung Pao Udon Bowl

Number: 5762
Brand: Obento
Product: Spicy Kung Pao Udon Bowl
Size: 4/6x240g

Obento Spicy Kung Pao Udon Noodle Bowl contains all the ingredients you need to produce a delicious meal.

The bowl contains: Udon Noodle, Spicy Kung Pao Sauce, Dehydrated Vegetables, Roasted Peanut Topping and a fork.

Microwaveable: ready in 2 minutes

Innerbox contains 6 bowls and is suitable for use as shelf display.

Thai Green Curry Kit

Number: 8502
Brand: Auntie G
Product: Thai Green Curry Kit
Size: 6/12x64g

•Thai Green Curry is created using coconut milk and green chillies. Because of the coconut milk, Green Curry is slightly sweeter compared to other curries.
•Auntie G’s Thai Green Curry Kit contains a green curry paste sachet and a herb sachet. The herb sachet contains a high percentage of actual green chilies to bring out the real green curry flavor, making it possible for anyone to cook authentic Thai Green Curry.

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