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Heinz ABC Indonesia is a subsidiary of The Kraft Heinz Company one of Indonesia’s leading food companies.

Heinz ABC Indonesia is the second largest-selling soy sauce brand in Indonesia.  This all natural thick, rich sauce is widely considered a “magical” ingredient by many great chefs around the world and is very popular among consumers who are looking for a flavorful and versatile sauce.

ABC Heinz ABC Indonesia is best known for its soy sauce however the family of sauces includes a full line of sweet soy, salty soy and various chili sauces.

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Bika aims to deliver snacks for special moments. Originated in Malaysia, Bika offers a line-up of crackers and chips in a diverse range of flavors for over 30 years. Our collection includes chips and crackers with Honey, seafood and chicken flavors. Bika strives not to use harmful chemicals and the finest materials during the production process of great tasting chips and crackers. Innovativeness plays a vital role in the production of new snacks in Bika’s philosophy.

- All Bika products are certified HALAL

- Unique tastes

- Various seafood flavors


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An authentic range of traditional Chinese curry sauce mixes which are convenient and easy to prepare in your own kitchen.
A delicious, aromatic Chinese curry that has been enjoyed by Chinese families for generations. For over 25 years Goldfish Curry Sauce mix has provided our customers with this traditional taste in an easy to use blend. Prepared in minutes and so versatile!
  • Just add water, heat and stir.
  • Dissolves easily to make a creamy, smooth curry sauce.
  • Convenient portion size for you needs, whether for 1 person or a large family. Make only what you need- no wastage.
  • Great tasting meals in minutes.
  • Only the best, selected, quality ingredients have been used in the blending of the product. The same great taste every time!

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Founded in 1982, Biz-Allianz International, is a relatively big player in the Malaysian instant noodles market. Currently there is a craze for Ibumie’s noodles in Malaysia, and the immensely popular White Curry flavor is also gaining attention in the west. Harmee, Vegemee, Ladmee and Currymee bring out the most authentic and traditional Malaysian flavours and the noodles have been selected to suit everyone's taste. 

Ibumie instant noodles provide authenticity in a bowl, without taking a trip to penang.


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Mae-Ruay Snack Food Factory Co Ltd is Thailand’s leading manufacturer of peanut snacks. In 1964, Mr Chookiat and Mrs Jiraporn Ruayjareonsap established Mae-Ruay Factory Co Ltd as a producer of fried peanut and shrimp slice rice.

By 1976, the Company launched its most popular snack “Koh-Kae”, a coconut cream-based crispy peanut. Ever since, Koh-Kae has become a favorite snack that is enjoyed by both children and adults.

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First made by an Indian to suit the taste of the Caucasian customers, Lingham's hot sauces are 100% natural with no added flavours; no gluten and no conditioners. For over a hundred years these sauces have been popular in Malaysia and over time in more and more countries around the rest of the world, since they go well with great many kinds of food. Our range includes:

- Chilli Sauce (original)

- Chilli Sauce, Garlic

- Chilli Sauce, Ginger

- Chilli Sauce, Extra Hot

- Chilli Sauce, Ginger Garlic

- Chili Sauce, Sriracha

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Bachun Food began as a small manufacturing plant in 1976 but is now a modern, efficient and dynamic enterprise that specialises in manufacturing of high quality authentic Chinese and Asian sauces and condiments marketed under the Ongs brand name.

The Ongs range of Chinese and Asian sauces includes an extensive selection of standard products like Oyster Sauce, Pure Sesame Oil, Chill Sauces, and Soy Sauces to ready-to-cook products like Stir-Fry Sauces, Noodle Sauces, Marinades, Curry Pastes and Soup Pastes.

Only the finest ingredients are used and strict quality controls are maintained to ensure that only the highest quality products reach our customers.

In pursuit of excellence and competence, we are pleased to have obtained HACCP (RVA) Certification and our products are also Halal Certified, have no added MSG or preservatives. 

The full Ongs range of products is available in retail and food service sizes. 

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Smiling Fish

Pumpui’s vision is to create delicious smile and better living for people in our society with the finest experience from our ongoing nutritional seafood innovations. For over 34 years, Kuang Pei San Food Products Co.Ltd is one of Thailands leading manufacturers and exporters of canned sardines, mackerels, catfish, baby clams and cockles under the local brand – Pumpui and International brand – Smiling Fish. The company has continued carefully selecting ingredients in order to make good products. These efforts have been recognized on national and international level.

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Want Want

Want Want is the most renowned and largest manufacturer of rice crackers in Taiwan. The product range offers great many different types of senbei, traditional Asian style rice crackers.  Senbei are a type of Japanese rice crackers. 

Traditionally, Senbei are eaten with green tea as a casual snack and offered to visiting house guests as courtesy refreshment. They come in various shapes, sizes, and flavors, usually savory but sometimes sweet. 

  • Traditional Senbei
  • Shelly Senbei (spicy and non-spicy)
  • Seaweed flavored crackers
  • Green Pea

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The present “Theppadungporn Coconut Company Limited (TCC)” began in 1976, as Udom Coconut Ltd. Part. Transformed her business from selling agricultural produces into food processing by establishing a food processing plant.

Ready-to-use pasteurized and sterilized coconut milk packed in plastic bags and tin can, as well as coconut milk powder were among the very first products of the company. From that day till today, the Theppadungporn Co., Ltd. continuously expands their production facilities and diversifies their product varieties. At present, the company could produce various kinds of food products for at least 200 items to serve both domestic and international markets. 

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Only premium Australian wheat makes Japan's no. 1 noodle

Hakubaku noodles, the market leader of all dried noodles in Japan, are made from 100% organic 'Rosella' wheat. In fact, 90% of Japanese noodles are made from Australian wheat. The smooth, firm texture of the noodle creates a distinctive feel which belies its versatility. It can be equally used as a delicious accompaniment to a meal, or as the tantalisingly tasty main dish in soups, stir fries or salads. Hakubaku noodles are simple to prepare and scintillating to eat.

These creamy-coloured natural noodles are:

  • Certified organic
  • Authentically Japanese
  • Simple to prepare
  • Kosher certified

Furthermore, their long shelf life reduces wastage so not only do you have a delectably tasting product, but also receive tremendous value for money. Oriental Merchant provides five distinctive types: Soba, Udon, Ramen, Somen and Cha Soba (Green Tea Noodles).

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Jade Phoenix

Jade Phoenix brand offers three types of products:  noodles, bamboo shoots and dried mushrooms.

The noodles come in three different kinds of versatile and easy to cook noodles.  Aside from either thin or thick noodles a third kind of Chow Mein Noodles is available. This kind of noodles is ideal for stir fried dishes.


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Kopiko is a brand of Mayora – an Indonesian global company in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. Their products can be divided into 8 categories: biscuit, candy, wafer, chocolate, coffee, instant food, beverage and cereal.

Kopiko is a brand of coffee confectioneries. Kopiko Candy is available in over 45 countries.

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Mae Ploy

Mae Ploy brand is recognized in Thailand as a high quality export brand. Mae Ploy’s products include Curry Pastes, Coconut milk and nem sauces. The name “Mae Ploy” is derived from the main character from a series of stories written by Kukrit Pramoj. In the stories Mae Ploy guarded Thai culture and heritage during the reign of King Rama V. Due to her strong character and her aim to preserve the authenticity of Thailand, her name was chosen for the brand. 


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Prima Taste

Prima Taste offers a wide variety of premium quality Pan-Asian and authentic Singapore cuisine in easy-to-use and ready-to-cook pastes, sauces and instant noodles.

Launched in 1999 with the aim of making Singapore's famed dishes easily available to anyone and anywhere. The range of Prima Taste 'Best Singapore Favourites' sauce kits offers authentic flavours. It comes complete with essential ingredients, condiments and accompanying garnishes. The creations of Prima Taste 'Authentic Asia' feature a wide range of versatile cooking sauces, which can unleash culinary creativity in whipping up a variety of tantalising Asian dishes.

Prima Taste LaMian comes in 5 flavours and is renowned worldwide for its premium noodles. Every bite is as good as traditional hand-pulled noodles. Every aroma and texture is an ode to the authentic taste of Singapore, and a full gourmet meal.

Prima Taste ready-to-cook pastes, sauces and instant noodles are developed by a team of food technologists and masterchefs. Their facilities are HACCP-certified to meet stringent food safety and hygiene standards. Prima Taste products are quick & easy to prepare, have no artificial colourings and no added preservatives.

  • Quick and easy preparation. Cooks in minutes
  • Authentic flavours and excellent taste
  • No added preservatives
  • No artificial colourings
  • Made in Singapore

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Tao Kae Noi

Tao Kae Noi has been established in 2004 by Aitthipat Kulapongvanich. The company has become leader of seaweed products in Thailand.

Tao Kae Noi is represented as a healthy snack made of high nutrient of seaweed.  Its vision and mission is to select high quality seaweed, passing through the state of the art technology machinery. Crispiness and natural taste of seaweed has been preserved. Full of goodness is packed.  

Product’s attribute brings you dietary fiber protein, iron, calcium and gives the benefit of delicious taste. 


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Bai Shan Zu

Bai Shan Zu XO Mushroom Sauces were developed by famous culinary experts in Taiwan using pure “Qingyuan Shiitake” to meet the five different ethnic Chinese taste preferences. Available in 5 flavours: Szechuan, Five Spice, Spicy, Aromatic Chinese and Garlic, the XO Mushroom Sauce range is ready to eat, perfect as a topping on rice and noodles or used as a dipping sauce and is ideal as a cooking condiment.

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BaiShanZu range

Heng Shun

Jiangsu Heng Shun Vinegar-Industry Co., Ltd. is a China-based company founded in 1840.

For more than 170 years of development, Heng Shun has been the leader in sales for 20 consecutive years thanks to its century-old brewing skills and zero-added quality. As the head of China's four famous vinegar industries, the company concentrates on seasoning products such as vinegar, soy sauces, cooking wine, rice wine, pickles, chicken essence, chili sauce and sesame oil.

Heng Shun allows consumers to experience the ancient method of brewed vinegar and is determined to become the world's leading vinegar industry. Heng Shun achieved lots of honors and awards which has become a remarkable, trustworthy international brand.

 China Time honored brand logo


Hengshun chinkiang vinegar originated from the city of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China.

Taking top quality glutinous rice as raw material, it is brewed by the traditional process of Chinkiang Vinegar without any preservative, and has feature of sour but not astringent, aromatic and sweetish, color think and fresh taste. It is good for dipping, cooking or table serving.

Hengshun 9 ° vinegar Taking top quality rice as raw material, the product is brewed by internationally advanced full-automatic liquid submerged fermentation process and equipment’s of Frings Co., Germany. It has bright color, clear appearance and strong sourness, and can be used to make vinegar egg liquid, cooked or dressed with all kinds of cuisine, or mixed with honey, juice to drink. The product is brewed only from grain without glacial acetic acid or preservative.

Heng Shun white rice vinegar Taking top quality rice as raw material, the product has bright color, clear appearance, mild sourness and pleasant aroma. It is suitable to dress for all kinds of cuisine, salad or top grade sea food, and can be mixed with honey, juice to drink, or .fumigated in rooms of the family. The product is brewed only from grain without glacial acetic acid or preservative.

Heng Shun vinegar for dumpling The product is brewed by top quality raw material and has strong aroma of vinegar and garlic. It can be served for dumpling or cooking of cuisines.

Heng Shun sesame oil The product is 100% pure sesame oil. It has strong aroma and bright color, and can be served for all kinds of cold cuisine.

Please see the full range of Hengshun products here



Jinmailang Foods Co., Ltd. is a large modern integration company specializing in instant foods, integrating development with manufacture and sale. Since this company started at the beginning of 1994, it has been progressing at the amazing speed and become the leading enterprise in the noodles industry in China. 

This company consists of four departments: Noodles Department, Flour Department, Integration Department and Beverage Department and 30, 000 employees are working for it. Around China are 24 bases and 38 factories. All over the country spread 63 subsidiaries.  The noodles are well sold in over 30 countries and areas in the world. With an annual capacity of 12 billion bags (or cups) of noodles and processing 1, 800, 000 tons of wheat, the scale of noodles and flour ranks the top of the world.

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Lao Heng He


Lao Heng He was founded in 1988 and is widely recognized as a key player in the cooking wine sector and has a 160-year brand history. The company is committed to offer high-quality and healthy natural brewed cooking wine and similar condiments, including soy sauce, vinegar, paste and fermented bean curd products. Top chef’s in Asia incorporates Lao Heng He products into their recipes which they serve to high end customers.






 Lao Heng He proudly presents the best in soy sauce – Lao Heng He Top Grade Soy Sauce

The key to making a superior soy sauce is to strictly grasp the transformation of the climate phenomena brought about by the changing seasons. Brewed in strict accordance with the ancient recipe and followed China’s 24 solar terms, Lao Heng He Top Grade Soy Sauce has gone through more than 6 months of fermentation which gives it a delectable aroma, full-bodied savoury taste and smooth rich colour.

Lao Heng He Rose Rice Vinegar (3 & 5 years)

Fermented in pottery jar and aged for 3 years, the rose rice vinegar is made naturally from premium rice. It is known for its bright and crystal-clear rose colour, with a delicate, mild, smooth, and somewhat sour flavour.

Lao Heng He Cooking Wine (3 & 5 years)

Brewed from glutinous rice and natural spices, Lao Heng He Cooking Wine 3 years is not made with alcohol blending. The handcrafted wine has been aged in the bottle for a minimum of 3 years and is very aromatic.

Lao Heng He Cooking Wine 5 years is brewed with glutinous rice and more than ten other natural spices with no added alcohol, preservatives, artificial colours, and MSG and not made with alcohol blending. The handcrafted wine has been aged in the bottle for a minimum of 5 years and is very aromatic.

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Obento offers a complete range of Japanese products. All of the products are essential cornerstones in the Japanese cuisine. Originally “bento” is a traditional Japanese style lunch box, containing all the ingredients one needs in a day. The products are suitable for both customers new to and familiar to Japanese cuisine. 

The step-by-step sushi kit gives customers the opportunity to become a true Japanese chef and create their own scrumptious Sushi at home. By combining the products in the kit with fresh ingredients, customers can make the sushi of their preference.Aside from sushi, many more dishes can be made by using the Obento products, like:

• Panko breadcrumbs for typical Japanese Tonkatsu 
• Mirin for salads, stewed or grilled fish and Japanese teriyaki
• Tempura batter mix for various kinds of Tempura 
• Yakinori for temaki, onigiri and Ramen soup
• Wasabi for giving the right amount of spice to every salad, sushi and meat

Please see the full range of Obento products by clicking here

Obento Groepkopie


S&B Foods Inc. is famous for great many products in and outside Japan. In 1923 S&B Foods Inc. started by producing the readymade curry powder. Since then the company became known for delivering high quality curry sauce mix, wasabi and a variety of spices.

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Shang Hai Totole Food Co., Ltd was founded in 1988. Totole is the world’s largest bouillon factory in Shanghai, specializing in chicken powder, chicken bouillon, spices, sauces, MSG et cetera. Totole has always been committed to ceaselessly bringing healthier and more delicious flavorings to consumers and continuing to set new standards in the industry. Totole offers top-quality and top-taste to consumers. With the goal of “High Quality, Good Taste”, Totole will endeavor to give thousands of people a better taste of freshness.

Nestle Logo

  • Totole is the No. 1 Chicken bouillon brand in China!*
  • Totole is a member of the Swiss Nestlé family




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Baitang stands for Cambodian Green PLC in English and is also known as Cambodian Green and The Green. Baitang is a public limited company which was officially registered with the Ministry of Commerce in 2008.

The best quality Jasmine rice comes direct from the Baitang community in Battambang which is the leading rice producing province in the heart of Cambodia's rice bowl and thanks to fertile alluvial soil; it grows enough Jasmine rice to supply the entire country.

Ancient history shows that Cambodia is in the good position in supplying premium Jasmine rice to the world. In fact, Cambodia has been selling paddy rice to Thailand, and Vietnam. Therefore Cambodia is potentially rich in Jasmine rice.

Baitang Jasmine grain is smooth and shiny. After cooked, the rice is soft, slightly sticky in texture and releases a wonderful sweet, nutty fragrance. With little water consumption and fast cooking time, Baitang’s fragrant Jasmine rice is delicate but immensely satisfying delivering perfect steamed rice for both entertaining and every day meals.

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Fortune Fulinmen Rice originates from a high-quality rice production area of Northeast region. The rice is screened and tested for the best and most fertile land. Technicians are sent to help farmers with field management, providing guidance on fertilization, pesticide spraying, plowing, weeding and other areas. The grain is shiny like jade and bright, while the cooked rice is white like snow, glutinous and transparent, fragrant and chewy. As a result, fortune rice is highly nutritious and has a great fresh taste.

Fortune Fulinmen flour and noodles are strictly managed by the entire industry chain of Cofco. High-quality raw wheat materials are selected to ensure the safety of the flour and the noodles. The flours are pure and rich in the aroma with natural color and soft texture. Also, the flour provides a variety of different dumplings, noodles, and breads the ideal appearance, texture and taste. The noodles are made from high-quality wheat, are GMO free and are perfect to serve as a noodle soup.

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FLM Rice

FLM Noodle





Hiraki Miso

Hiraki Miso is a family business with long lasting traditions and visions. The company was founded based on their love of traditional miso made exceptionally well. The products are in a naturally beautiful and pristine setting where the clean and pure environment is as important to miso making as the traditional practices.

Our mission is to deliver a healthier lifestyle through delicious flavor by providing the highest quality miso possible. Hikari Miso takes the organic approach seriously. The company began working with organic farms in the 1980s and moved forward to be certified by internationally acclaimed organic standards.

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KEWPIE Mayonnaise is Kewpie’s flagship product has been Japan’s favourite mayonnaise since the product was launched there in 1925. Kewpie’s secret lies in manufacturing process and the unique choice of ingredients. The mayonnaise is made with egg yolks as opposed to whole eggs and specially blended vinegar.

KEWPIE Mayonnaise is commonly used in salads, sushi and sandwiches and is an important ingredient in potato and tuna salads. In Japan KEWPIE Mayonnaise is used much much more and even on traditional foods such as: okonomiyaki (Japanese style cabbage pancakes) and yakisoba (fried noodles).

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Lee Kum Kee

Lee Kum Kee was founded in 1888 by Mr Lee Kum Sheung. With a glorious history of 130 years spanning three centuries, Lee Kum Kee is the brand of choice of Michelin-starred Chinese chefs around the world and an international symbol of quality and trust. Lee Kum Kee mains a globally renowned Chinese brand and enterprise, offering more than 220 choices of sauces and condiments which are available in 100 countries and regions.


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Old Town Coffee

OldTown manufactures and markets instant coffee mix, instant milk tea mix, instant chocolate mix and roasted coffee powder, offering products to more than 17 markets.

Founded in 1999, OldTown operates 232 café outlets, comprising 189 in Malaysia, 9 in Singapore, 27 in Indonesia, 1 in Australia, 3 in China, 1 in Hong Kong and 2 in Myanmar. The outlets operate under the OldTown White Coffee brand name.

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Savour offers tasty and authentic Asian flavoured snacks in a convenient pack. Savour's range of snacks is perfect for anytime of the day. Serve at parties, enjoy while watching TV, or as an afternoon snack. Savour is a great accompaniment with cold drinks, tea, or coffee.

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Viet Huong

Three Crabs Premium Fish Sauce

The Three Crabs Premium Fish Sauce is the original classic brand from Viet Huong. It represents the purity and authentic taste that a premium fish sauce should have. Three Crabs premium Fish Sauce has a rich, full bodied flavour.

Flying Lion Brand Fish Sauce

This legendary Flying Lion Premium Fish Sauce has a balanced flavour that delivers an extraordinary smoothness and remarkable sweetness!

“Phú Quốc” highlighted on the label refers to the name of an island off the southwest coast of Vietnam that is famous for making the worlds best fish sauce.

Viet Huong Lineup

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